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I met Jen a year and a half ago when she was a group fitness instructor in a class where I was starting my weight loss journey. When she decided to leave to pursue her dream of being a personal trainer and open her own fitness studio I knew there was no way I was continuing on with my journey without her. I hired her as my personal trainer and coach and to date she has helped me to lose over a hundred forty pounds and to reverse some very serious health issues. Her workouts are always well thought out and challenging to meet your goals at each stage of your journey. She will make modifications when you need them but also push you harder when she knows she can. There is no doubt Jen is well versed in what she does insistent on safety and form above all else. I would not be where I am in my journey today without her extensive knowledge, support and encouragement both in the gym and out. She Has taught me how to live a healthier life and holds me accountable. I truly look forward to each and every training session no matter how hard it is! If you are starting a weight loss journey or just looking for a personal trainer who will Help get you to your goals look no further than Jen. – K.S. (Glen Cove, NY)


As a 50+ who has always hated working out, I’ve been changed. Started training with a lifelong friend a few years back and worked our way through a number of personal trainers. I met Jen about 1½ years ago at a local gym. “Thanks to” the events of 2020 we soon found ourselves unable to go .. and I missed it and started feeling really lousy. So, my husband and I started a routine with Jen masked and in the backyard. We’ve been doing a couples workout with Jen 3x a week for over a year. She’s changed my life and my level of energy. Thank you Jen for making me feel ‘enerJENic’ every day! – E.S. (Williston Park)


I have been training with Jen twice a week for several months now and I have already noticed major changes in not only my body, but in my mood and self esteem. Jen’s workouts get progressively more challenging and dynamic as I get stronger and fitter, and she helped me get over a workout plateau where the weightlifting I had been doing wasn’t reflected in how I looked. I am currently fitter than I have been in a long time and am getting stronger and leaner each week to the point that I really look forward to completing each workout.

Jen is a great trainer because she inspires me to make ambitious fitness goals and always makes me feel confident I can safely push myself further every session. She is a trainer who will tailor and execute a plan based on your personal needs and will help you get amazing results because she cares about her clients and will provide a fun workout to reach your goals.a I highly recommend her! – J.W. (Long Beach, NY)


While I was a little hesitant about hiring a personal trainer because I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it enough to truly commit to it, that hesitation was short lived. Jen made the sessions about me – each one started off with a quick discussion about what we were going to do and no two sessions were exactly alike. I saw immediate results and found myself eagerly awaiting the next workout. If you want to improve your physical condition, you will not regret working with Jen. – M.D. (Garden City, NY)


I don’t know what I’d do without Jen. Before her I never went to the gym or even worked out, I avoided it like the plague. It made me anxious and I never really enjoyed it, even as a kid I’d avoid playing sports. Jen has taught me to actually look forward to feeling great after a workout, she’s helped me get into the important habit of doing it on a regular basis and it’s totally helped change my perspective. Now I make it a point to get moving everyday, whether it’s going on a long walk or lifting some weights while watching TV.

Since working with Jen, I definitely feel stronger, happier, and just overall better. I always tell her she’s my therapist! Working out with her helps me deal with the chaos of my life, I look forward to the satisfaction of her kicking my ass! – M.P. (Mineola, NY)


Love training with Jen! Her workouts always challenge me and push me to my limits. She motivates me to do the best I can. At the same time, she’s supportive of my goals and limits. She almost always seems to know when to say the right thing at the right time in order to help me succeed. – G.A. (Garden City, NY)

I have been working out with Jen for over a year now. I’ve taken her kickboxing classes and her strength training class. I enjoyed her workouts so much, I signed up to work out with Jen for 1-on-1 classes. Jen is great about customizing her workouts and offering modifications for people who have injuries, or just aren’t up to the level of weight a class is offering. Jen is different in that she doesn’t make you feel badly about yourself if you cannot do something – instead, she offers you options so that you can continue – at your level. She understands the body and the mechanics of it, and explains what you are working on with each exercise.

On top of all of the above, you can tell that Jen really loves what she is doing, so you can’t help but have fun and enjoy it as well. She has truly found her calling and I really love working out with her and taking her classes. – D.R. (Oceanside, NY)


First let me say this, the best decision you could make for yourself is having Jen Faber as your personal trainer. Jen takes your journey and fitness goals on like they are her own. Jen is positive, uplifting and as enthusiastic as they come. Jen will hold you accountable, encourage you, make you work to attain whatever it may be your goals are. For me personally, Jen is the best decision I made for myself by far. She is knowledgeable and well-versed in her skills. Training with Jen is safety and form first, she will have you working out like a professional in no time. So if you are starting on a fitness journey and you would like to have a positive, rewarding, someone in your corner rooting for you, Jen Faber is the personal trainer that you should have. – S.H. (Glen Cove, NY)